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The 2018 Atlanta Youth Count (AYC18) was a follow-up study to the 2015 Atlanta Youth Count and Needs Assessment (AYCNA), expanded in 2018 to specifically address sex and labor trafficking among youth experiencing homelessness in metro Atlanta. The goals of this project were to: 1) provide metro Atlanta service providers, policymakers, and youth advocates with practical information on the size, nature, and needs of the homeless, precariously housed, and runaway youth in our community who are involved in various forms of sex and labor trafficking; 2) collect information that can be used to develop and refine policies, programs, and interventions to help these youth in our community; and 3) encourage a community-wide dialogue about the needs and social determinants of youth homelessness and human trafficking. This study was funded by the National Institute of Justice and was conducted in partnership with local service providers, advocates, researchers, and students.

This document is the official public Human Trafficking Report and provides an overview of the study methodology and key findings, including the research team’s official estimates of the prevalence of trafficking among homeless youth in metro Atlanta, as well as a description of key characteristics of the population derived from the survey data collected. Members of the research team are continuing to analyze and use the data to improve the public’s and policymakers’ understanding of youth homelessness and trafficking and to guide community - based efforts to improve services for these young people.

AYC 2018 Project Overview.pdf (85 kB)
Atlanta Youth Count 2018 Project Overview

AYC 2018 Key Findings.pdf (145 kB)
Atlanta Youth Count 2018: Key Findings