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Master of Arts (MA)



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Deirdre Oakley

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Amy Spring

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Tanya Washington


In 1972 U.S. State and Federal Prisons reported approximately 200,000 individuals in custody. Less than a decade later, rates skyrocketed to 315,974 people under carceral control. Broadly, researchers examine the consequences of the War on Drugs on incarceration, collateral impacts on family, post-incarceration, and state actors working in carceral facilities. Fewer studies investigate policies existing within carceral facilities. At present, no research examines rules and regulations impacting Black Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) folx. This research addresses that gap. Findings suggest carceral facilities control sexuality by reinforcing compulsory heterosexuality resulting in adverse impacts on Black TGNC folx. I contend due to disproportionate numbers of Black and Brown bodies in carceral facilities, a “racialized carceral de-sexualism” for Black TGNC folx is constructed and reinforced by the state. Ultimately, my hope is this research influences much-needed mass incarceration policy reform and illustrates the increasing need for conversations about prison abolition within academia.


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