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Master of Arts (MA)



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Tomeka Davis, PhD

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Eric Wright, PhD

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Dan Pasciuti


Through heterosexual transmission, Black women, make up the second largest group affected by STIs. STI transmission via heterosexual anal sex has been overlooked due to underreporting of anal sex. A sample of Black Americans (n = 1548) were selected from the NSFG, 2013-2015 dataset to assess anal sex practices, risk for STIs, and condom use. Individuals who engaged in anal sex practices were at greater risk for an STI diagnosis. Most individuals who engaged in anal sex did not use condoms during their last anal sex encounter. Individuals who were more religious were less likely to engage in anal sex practices. Individuals who believed they were unlikely to marry in their lifetime were more likely to participate in anal sex. As anal sex practice places individuals at a higher risk for an STI diagnosis, public health professionals should consider extending sexual health messaging surrounding anal sex to include heterosexual individuals.