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Our group worked in conjunction with the Executive Director of StandUp For Kids, the Fulton County Schools Homeless Liaison, and the School Social Worker at Frank McClarin High School to develop a school-based mentor program for unaccompanied homeless youth. The purpose was to provide support and encouragement to improve academic performance among youth, with the overall goal of graduation. We developed The Fulton Effect from the ground up, creating its name, mission statement, goals and objectives, program structure, and policies. We recruited mentors to match with students, as well as coordinated and facilitated bi-weekly meetings. We formed partnerships with local businesses to obtain lunch and monetary donations. We also developed and administered evaluation tools to measure program success. Our experience taught us the importance of utilizing community partnerships skills and understanding elements of successful collaborations in order to build a program that is effective and sustainable.


This is an original student community project produced for the Georgia State University School of Social Work as a condition for the fulfillment of the Master's of Social Work degree. The initial proposal, final presentation, and final paper are all available for download here.

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FultonSchoolsProposal_2013.pdf (438 kB)
Initial Proposal (Midterm Paper)

FultonSchoolsPresentation_2013.pdf (3403 kB)
Final Presentation

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