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Conference Proceeding

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Summer 2002


The freshman seminar, GSU 1010, is our campus’ response to the national trend to facilitate students’ transition from high school to college. Fall semester 2000 was the second year that Georgia State University offered new students the option of registering for a freshman seminar, and the first year that librarians participated as instructors. Our motivations for teaching this course were twofold: to move beyond the traditional “one-shot” library instruction class by teaching the same set of students for the entire semester, and to incorporate information literacy objectives into the three credit semester long course. This paper is a case study of some of our experiences and observations with a class that met once a week for two and one-half hours over the course of fifteen weeks.


Presented as an academic library research paper at the Georgia Library Association Annual Conference (GA COMO) on November 1, 2001; awarded a prize for “Best Paper” sponsored by EBSCO Subscription Services and the Georgia Library Association Academic Library Section.