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Research Paper

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The purpose of this quantitative research project is an examination of the influence of gender on the attribution of blame for rape among African-American undergraduate students at Georgia State University. The attribution of blame in a rape scenario (male perpetrator/female victim) will be presented in four pairings, manipulating the race (Black/White) of the victim and perpetrator. The attribution of blame will be measured using a modified 5 point Likert-scale and 14 point Likert-scale based on two pre-existing rape attribution scales: Kanekar and Kolsawalla’s “Responsibility and Imprisonment” 21 point scale (1988) and George and Matrinez’s “Victim Blaming” 10 point Likert-scale (2002). The researcher will use SPSS to determine whether or not significant gender differences in the attribution of rape are apparent in each of the scenarios. Gender issues remain a comparatively unexplored area of research within African-American Studies. This research may bring attention to the degree to which the attribution of responsibility for rape is both raced and gendered within the African-American community. In doing so, this research will potentially provide an additional platform on which more open and honest dialogue between African-American men and women can occur.


2011 University Library Undergraduate Research Award winner. The is the top prize winning paper from a Junior or Senior for a 3000 or 4000 level GSU course.

Course: Honors AAS 4980
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jonathan Gayles