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In many ways, these essays expose the enormity of the project of housing finance reform. Housing finance is underpinned by assessments of risk and value that have not escaped their racist origins, and many essays in this series grapple, in different ways, with the question of whether and how we can take those threads out of the fabric. But our authors also offer steps forward that policymakers can take action on immediately to reform the GSEs, the CRA, the real estate industry, and more. Equally importantly, these essays offer a vision of what housing finance might look like beyond the constraints of neoliberalism, and challenge us to consider the possibilities that the current political moment might unlock. Already, we can see these ideas beginning to take clearer shape on the national stage, thanks to the hard work of many—and we hope to see new legislative proposals, federal administrative initiatives, and state and local commitments that will bring us closer to a new, more just reality.”