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Spring 5-3-2020

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)



First Advisor

Richard Baskerville

Second Advisor

Nathan Hiller

Third Advisor

Todd Maurer


Human Resource Development has for the last few decades accepted a career transition process with elements focused on teaching the mechanics of outplacement and onboarding. Execution of this standard career transition process relies on a pedagogical approach. This qualitative study explored the lived experience of Army veterans in career transition through the lens of identity. Identity theory has taught us that identities are reflexive and we edit our identity to create stability in our self-concept. The outcome of this phenomenological study combines the development of new skills, new citizenship behaviors and the individual’s need to adjust their own identity as they enter their new work environment. It became evident a tailored career transition will provide the individual in transition with the much-needed information and support. A complete career transition process includes identity work. The Career Identity Matrix, developed as a result of this study, provides HRD with a framework to customize the transition.


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