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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)



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Denish Shah, Ph.D.


Social justice, environmental sustainability, and political activism are becoming prevalent topics in today's global marketplace. As a result, businesses and brands face increasing pressure from citizens to take a stance on such issues. Brand activism is an emerging marketing strategy for many brands seeking to engage consumers by promoting their products through a sociopolitical context. Many external factors to the company influence the effect of brand activism on a firm's performance, namely the consumer. Increasingly, consumers actively use brands as a means to shape, communicate, and express their beliefs. This exploratory quantitative study draws on consumer brand identification, social identity, and planned behavior theories to uncover the relationship between the moderating effect of consumer identity on brand activism and the sequential mediation effect of perceived brand fairness and consumer brand relationships, and how these constructs influence consumer willingness to purchase the brand. The findings shed light on the pivotal role of consumer identity in shaping the connection between brand activism and consumer-brand interactions. Additionally, a partial mediation effect of consumer-brand relationships on the impact of brand activism on purchase intentions was identified. In advancing marketing literature, this research enriches our comprehension of brand activism as a consumer-driven marketing strategy, thereby augmenting the theoretical framing in the marketing and consumer behavior domains. Furthermore, it offers practical implications for marketers, guiding them in devising strategies and consumer communications that leverage brand activism effectively in the market, ultimately enhancing the consumer-brand bond.


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