Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Thomas Netzel - Chair

Second Advisor

Dabney Dixon - Co-Chair

Third Advisor

Gangli Wang

Fourth Advisor

Jerry Smith


Electrochemical potentials of a series of anthraquinone derivatives were studied in both aqueous solution and acetonitrile. The long term goal of this work was to find derivatives which could be reduced easily for studies of photoinduced electron transfer in DNA. Our immediate goal was to find the substitution group that gave the least negative redox potential value. Of all derivatives studied, the anthraquinone imides as a class had the least negative redox potentials, in the range of -0.600 to -0.550 V vs. SCE. One of the anthraquinones studied, one derivative (deoxyadenosine conjugated with an ethynyl linker to an anthraquinone with two ester substituents) was also in this range. A study of a series of anthraquinones conjugated with ethynyl and ethanyl linkers showed that the ethynyl linker was more effective than the ethanyl linker in lowering the redox potential of anthraquinone.