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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Maged Henary


This study outlines the synthesis, characterization, optical properties and DFT studies of new donor-π-acceptor fluorophores. The basic design of fluorophores included 1,3-indane dione as new acceptor unit, cyclohexyl fused π-linker and indole units as donor groups. Furthermore, selected fluorophores were modified at meso Cl position with O, S and N bearing moieties. The structure of fluorophores was characterized with 1H and 13C NMR. The fluorophores exhibited strong absorbance and emission in NIR region between 750 nm and 830 nm. The fluorophores with N meso modification showed significant blue shift in absorbance spectra leading to large Stokes shift in optical profiles. Some of the fluorophores showed distinct J-aggregation and H-aggregation which was further studied in selected fluorophores. The DFT studies were used to understand charge transfer character of the fluorophores, and energy levels of frontier HOMO/LUMO orbitals. Finally, in vivo biodistribution studies were analyzed for potential bio targetability of the fluorophores.


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