Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Maged Henary

Second Advisor

Dr. Alfons Baumstark

Third Advisor

Dr. Jerry Smith

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Gabor Patonay


Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence imaging has emerged as an attractive non-invasive approach for direct visualization of diseases which depends on the development of stable, highly specific and sensitive optical probes. The NIR region of the electronic spectrum offers a reduction in the background autofluorescence and an increase in the tissue penetration depth. Cyanine dyes have often been considered promising contrast optic agents owing to their photophysical properties.

Herein the synthesis of various penta- and heptamethine benzothiazole cyanine dyes has been described and their in vivo imaging efficacy was determined. Varying functionalities on the benzothiazole aromatic ring and changing substituents on the benzothiazolium nitrogen atom reflected subsequent changes in the imaging pattern and have resulted in the development of promising brain targeting agents.

Available for download on Sunday, November 29, 2020