Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Zhen Huang

Second Advisor

Ming Luo

Third Advisor

Jun Yin


In this paper, an improved method [1] for the chemical synthesis of 2SeU-RNA was reported using a streamlined strategy employs 2'-O-Thiomopholine-4-carbothioate protecting group. And single step deprotection of the resulting oligoribonucleotide product using 1,2-diamines/toluene under anhydrous conditions would retain the Selenium atom introduced on the 2-possiton of the modified Uracil. The process is doable with most standard heterobase protection and deprotection, it greatly simplifies the synthesis of 2SeU-RNAs and can be applied to other Selenium modified RNAs synthesis. It makes the synthesis of RNA become as simple and efficient as the chemical synthesis of DNA. Furthermore, the design and synthesis of self-assembling 2SeU-RNA square are reported which enable further structure studies and application of unique 2SeU-RNAs.