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Guided by the eudaimonic media and the health persuasion literature, the current study explores how meaningful emotions elicited from entertainment media exposure decreases anti-vaccination attitudes among vaccine-hesitant individuals. Results of a between-subjects experiment (N = 409) showed that participants who viewed meaningful music videos (vs. neutral videos) and vaccination messages embedded in the user-generated comments reported more empathy, less reactance, and less anti-vaccination attitudes. Multigroup analysis revealed that this association was held for participants who were hesitant about whether they would get fully vaccinated, but not for participants who were determined to not get vaccinated. Theoretical and practical implications were discussed.


Accepted manuscript version of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Yachin, M. & Duong, H. (2024). Meaningful media experiences and vaccination message communication: An experimental study with vaccine-hesitant individuals. Journal of Health Communication, 29(4), 274-283.


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