Ning Song

Date of Award


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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Arla G. Bernstein - Chair

Second Advisor

Holley Wilkin

Third Advisor

Leonard Teel


This study conducted a framing research that analyzed coverage of the bird flu (avian flu) in China by two major American newspapers that are influential in China (The New York Times and Washington Post). The goal was to examine how these two prestigious newspapers frame the bird flu epidemic in China and how they represent the country in this international health crisis. This study employed textual analysis regarding the way bird flu news articles were framed in terms of problem definition, causal explanation, moral evaluation and solution recommendations in both newspapers. The study found the epidemic was framed as more than just a public health crisis. Multiple news frames were found in both newspapers' coverage of bird flu, depicting the event as a cultural, social and political crisis to the nation and to the world.

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Communication Commons