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Significant recent influences in the profession have provided clear direction about what school counseling programs should look like but have not explicitly defined the professional identity necessary to enact these programs. A Change-Agent-for-Equity (CAFE) Model draws from the American School Counselor Association National Model (2003, 2005, 2012) and the tenets of the National Center for Transforming School Counseling (Martin, 2002), proposing that the school counselor’s professional identity is central to school counseling programs and program outcomes. A case scenario is presented to illustrate the CAFE model in context.


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Mason, E. C. M. Ockerman, M. S. & Chen-Hayes, S. F. (2013). The Change-Agent-for-Equity (CAFE) model: A framework for school counselor identity. Journal of School Counseling, 11(4).

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