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There is a shortage of educators and there are various factors that account for the lack of teachers. Millions of new teachers will be needed in the near future and the present study juxtaposes the vocational personality profiles of adolescents (N 5 262) participating in Future Educators of America programs in Georgia to in-service teachers’ profiles as determined by Holland’s Self-Directed Search inventory. Using Holland’s theoretical framework for congruence between one’s personality and the workplace as a lens, the results indicated that adolescents in the future educator programs shared the same Holland code as in-service teachers. Noting that teachers tend to return to the area in which they were raised, findings from this research have serious implications for the identification and recruitment of tomorrow’s teaching force


Originally published in:

Swanson, P. (2011). Georgia’s grow-your-own teacher programs attract the right stuff. The High School Journal, 94(3), 119-133.

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