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This chapter reviews L2 pragmatics research informed by cognitive SLA theories. Following R. Ellis’s (2008) classification, the chapter first introduces two theories — the two-dimensional model, and the skill acquisition theory or ACT-R, which focus on the mental representation of L2 knowledge and then reviews empirical evidence in L2 pragmatics under these theories. The chapter then shifts to the Noticing Hypothesis that concerns cognitive processes that can lead to changes in mental representation of L2 knowledge. Suggestions for future research under each of the three cognitive SLA theorizations are provided. This chapter ends with a call for more studies that examine the mental representation of L2 pragmatic knowledge and how that mental representation develops under the influence of various cognitive processes.


Author accepted manuscript version of a chapter published by Routledge in:

Li, S. (2019). Cognitive approaches to L2 pragmatics research. In N. Taguchi (Ed.)., The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Pragmatics. Routledge (pp. 113-127). Routledge.