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Used by almost 800 educator preparation programs in more than 40 states and the District of Columbia, edTPA seeks to measure content-specific outcomes of beginning teachers as a high-stakes assessment. Many states also use edTPA to inform teacher licensure or certification decisions, making the assessment consequential for individual teacher candidates. The present study focuses on teacher candidates’ performance on the World Language edTPA, targeting two world language teacher education programs since the assessment became consequential for licensure in their respective states. It then compares findings to those of a previous study of the same programs’ World Language edTPA performance (Hildebrandt & Swanson, 2014) from before the assessment became consequential for teacher licensure decisions in 2015 in [State X] and [State Y]. Programmatic changes were implemented after initial inspection of the data and results from such curricular changes are discussed in terms of local impact. Additionally, national trends are identified and discussed. Findings demonstrate serious issues regarding this assessment of beginning teacher effectiveness as related to World Language teaching and learning. This research has implications for teacher preparation programs and other educational stakeholders alike.


Author accepted manuscript version of an article published in:

Hildebrandt, S., & Swanson, P. (2019). Re-examining teacher candidate performance on world language edTPA as a consequential assessment. NECTFL Review, 84, 15-34.