Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Modern & Classical Languages

First Advisor

William J. Nichols, PhD

Second Advisor

Elena del Río Parra, PhD


This study analyzes the construction of a very specific Parisian urban space through intertextuality and self-fiction in the novel Never Any End To Paris (2003), by Spanish author Enrique Vila-Matas. Specifically, it explores a particular representation of a literary space and its narrative significance according to the theories of Michel de Certeau on spatial stories, and Frederic Jameson on cognitive mapping. It is concluded that Vila-Matas’s urban space in this novel is inextricably and fundamentally built upon other spaces from his personal literary canon. It also explores the narrator’s performative spatial itinerary to find his own voice, which represents both the narrator’s coming of age as an artist, and the author’s poetic for the novel.