Date of Award

Spring 2-2-2023

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Dr. Lisa Cranwell-Bruce

Second Advisor

Dr. Ashlie Pullen



Purpose: To increase Georgia's public health nurses' (GA DPH) knowledge of disaster response after implementing an educational intervention utilizing the Emergency Information Questionnaire Survey (EPIQ) tool to measure variations in core competency levels.

Background: A GA DPH survey revealed that less than 50% of their nurses were competent in disaster response. A literature review shows that nurses with disaster preparedness training and experience are more likely to report for duty and perform successfully during disasters and unforeseen events.

Methods: The project used a pre- & post-test descriptive design, an online six-module educational intervention, and virtual participation in a tabletop exercise.

Results: 248 GA DPH nurses participated in this project. A paired samples t-test was used to compare pre- & post- EPIQ scores to determine any statistical significance (a= 0.05). The overall familiarity score showed a statistically significant improvement (p < .001; 98% confidence interval) related to emergency preparedness core competencies, with an average pre-survey familiarity score of 57.78 and an average post-survey familiarity score of 70.43.

Implications: The success of this project will serve as a foundation for further research in disaster response training for public health nurses in Georgia and abroad.

Conclusion: A six-module educational intervention improved public health nursing knowledge of emergency preparedness and mass sheltering competencies. GA DPH nurses should now possess the knowledge and tools to respond promptly and efficiently following a disaster. Frequent disaster response training will enhance nurses' confidence as they anticipate providing frontline services for our communities.


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