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Spring 5-2-2023

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Dr. Lisa Cranwell-Bruce

Second Advisor

Professor Laura DeMars



Introduction: Individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) are part of the minority groups within the United States of America (USA) which has not received adequate planning when transitioning into adulthood.

Purpose: The purpose of this project was to increase the knowledge about the transitional application process among community-based providers such as health care providers, community integration providers, therapists, and any other provider serving individuals with IDD. The ultimate objective of this project was to equip the providers serving families with individuals ready to transition into the community.

Methodology: For this project, the Donabedian model of Structure Process and Outcome (SPO) was used to evaluate the need to increase the knowledge about the transitional application process among providers. Providers willing to participate were recruited at a transitional fair held at First Baptist Bible Church, located in Warner Robins - southeast Atlanta. Inclusion criteria for participation was; being a provider for individuals with IDD and having at least a bachelor’s degree. The tools used were; the pre-transitional questionnaire to assess the knowledge level of providers, the process map illustrating the application process, and the post-transitional questionnaire used to access the level of knowledge increase.

Results: The feedback from both the pre and post-transitional questionnaire to see the difference in responses from the providers. The ReAIM tool evaluates and assesses providers' knowledge increase.

Conclusion: Based on the feedback obtained from the surveys, it was concluded that the information shared with the providers increased their knowledge level about the transitional application process and they were willing to assist families during the transition.


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