Date of Award


Degree Type

Closed Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Mildred Cody - Committee Chair

Second Advisor

Barb Hopkins - Committee Member

Third Advisor

Catherine McCarroll - Committee Member


Purpose: The growth in obesity rates across the United States has been associated with increased consumption of energy dense meals consumed away from home. In an effort to help consumers make healthier food choices, some state law makers have begun to require the inclusion of nutrient information on fast food and chain restaurant menus. The objective of this research was to discover whether a consumer demand exists for healthier menu options and for disclosure of nutrient information on restaurant menus. Since much of the previous research has been concerned with fast food dining, this research was focused on examining the preferences and behaviors of diners at non-fast food restaurants. Methods: Eighty-four adults completed self-administered questionnaires during public expositions in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Results were tabulated frequencies and percentages. Comparisons were examined between gender and dining-out frequency categories. Results: Approximately 76% of participants indicated they had been concerned about ordering healthier menu items during the preceding month. Eighty-seven percent indicated a desire for disclosure of at least one specific nutrition fact on restaurant menus. Ninety-two percent indicated they would at least sometimes order menu items denoted as healthier on a restaurant menu. Women were more consistent than men in their demand for healthier food qualities. Conclusions: Results suggest that consumer demand does exist for healthier menu options and for nutrient information on restaurant menus. Further research will be necessary to determine how access to nutrient information will affect consumer choices.


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