Date of Award

Summer 8-7-2018

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Political Science

First Advisor

Henry Carey, Phd

Second Advisor

Charles Hankla, Phd

Third Advisor

Jennifer McCoy, Phd


This comparative case study examines the actions that the Haitian and Dominican governments, respectively, have taken to develop and sustain tourism within their borders. My premise is that governments, through state institutions and policies, can implement branding strategies that impact and change existing country image perceptions. Expanding on the determinants of tourism demand literature, I present a theoretical framework for how government institutions collaborate to create a favorable country brand by investing in the development of functional benefits {public safety and infrastructure quality}. The functional benefits are then supplied to the mass tourist market, who demands them in order to visit, lodge and spend money in the country. The findings of this study confirm that a causal relationship exists between a country’s level of stability and tourism arrivals and receipts, further establishing this study’s theory that high levels of investment in infrastructure quality and nation branding can positively influence country image perception to generate arrivals and receipts. Surprise outcomes regarding crime’s impact on arrivals and receipts present future opportunities to advance the literature.