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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Nicole Caporino

Second Advisor

Christopher Henrich

Third Advisor

Robert Latzman


Research has shown that media exposure to violence is positively correlated with anxiety and posttraumatic stress symptoms in children (Becker-Blease et al. 2008), and parents can influence children’s responses to media (Otto et al. 2007). Few studies have examined specific parenting behaviors related to their children’s response to violent news media exposure; which is further limited by the lack of available measures with adequate psychometric support (Comer & Kendall, 2007). The current study addresses this gap by developing a measure of specific ways that caregivers may influence their children’s exposure and reaction to violent news. Item content was generated based on a literature review and focus group interview with six parents. Using a sample of 702 participants recruited through Amazon Mechanical Turk, exploratory factor analysis was conducted on the initial 74-item measure of Caregiver Responses to Youth Media Exposure (CRYME). With a total of 35 items, a three-factor solution emerged.