Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Roger Bakeman - Chair

Second Advisor

Gabriel Kuperminc

Third Advisor

John Peterson

Fourth Advisor

Marianne Celano


The Brofenbrenner(1979) ecological theory was applied to examine the relationship between parent and child depressive mood and the moderation of relational quality at two levels; 1) parent-child (within family) and 2) family-social support (outside family) levels. It was hypothesized that both levels would buffer the predictive association of parent to child depressive mood. At the first level, the parent-child depressive mood association was qualified by an interaction with relatedness (categorized as inadequate and adequate) that approached a conventional level of significance, R2 = .023, F(1,101) = 2.77, p = .099. At the second level, the addition of social support as a moderator yielded a R2 =.028, F(1,101) = 3.11, p = .081. Exploratory analyses were performed to clarify each moderation. The findings suggest that relational quality within and outside the family have the potential to serve as protective factors in regards to depressive symptoms for children with asthma.