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Master of Arts (MA)



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Isha Metzger, PhD

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Sierra Carter, PhD

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Steven Beach, PhD


Research indicates that racial discrimination is a significant contributing factor to Black American adolescents’ mental health outcomes, including childhood depression. Black youth are also impacted by the discrimination experienced by their caregivers and their resulting socialization behaviors. Growing bodies of literature demonstrate the importance of promotive and protective parenting factors, such as racial socialization, in adolescent psychosocial outcomes. Researchers have also started to explore the intergenerational impact of racial discrimination on developing Black youth. A key gap in the literature is the extent to which racial socialization serves as a mechanism impacting the relationship between parental experiences of discrimination and youth depression outcomes. As such, the goal of the current study is to expand our understanding of racial discrimination’s intergenerational effects by exploring the relationship between parental experiences of racial discrimination and youth depression outcomes and the mediating role of racial socialization on this association for Black American adolescents.


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