Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Dr. Naveen Donthu

Second Advisor

Dr. Denish Shah

Third Advisor

Dr. Yi Zhao

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Kelly Hewett

Fifth Advisor

Dr. Agata Leszkiewicz


This research introduces a new concept of Networked Customer Experience (NCX), where technologies mediate a customer's purchase journey, and their experiences are co-created and co-managed by the service provider and technology providers. We conduct 2×2×2 factorial experiments and manipulate NCX evaluation and attribution drivers – the brand value of service provider, use benefits of technology, and technology-service failures, for mobile payment applications in retail settings. As hypothesized, failures significantly impact the differential attribution mechanism among users with better evaluation for the service provider when use benefits are low. Also, we use unsupervised text classification to extract the dimension information from customer reviews for mobile payment apps and build a model that classifies the NCX dimensions with 55% macro-precision. With this multi-method research, we contribute to the marketing literature by providing a new perspective on technology-mediated customer experience. For practitioners, we provide useful insights for the Customer Experience Management (CXM) Strategy.


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